Sugarbean Farm is a 2-acre farm in West Hillsborough, owned and operated by Kendra and Josh Neipp.

We try hard to make the most of our little acreage, and focus on growing an abundance of vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, and seedlings. We also have a lively flock of chickens (10 different breeds!) and several beehives. We make judicious use of cover crops, as well as mountains of compost and mulch, to maintain healthy soil.

The farm will continue expanding this year with still more fruit trees and berry vines, mushrooms, and more beehives. And small pockets of the farm are becoming devoted to less common culinary and medicinal plants. But we always seem to have room for something more, so feel free to let us know if there’s something in particular you want us to grow for you.

We love to have visitors to the farm, and we’re less than two miles from downtown Hillsborough. Contact us at