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Haw River Mushrooms, LLC grows edible and medicinal mushrooms at our small farm in Saxapahaw, NC operated by Ches & Laura Stewart, our toddler twins (AKA the CEOs), and our small but mighty production and farmers market staff. We started growing as hobbyists in 2012. At the time, we were beginning farmers looking for our niche. We farmed for a year as incubator farmers at Ayreshire Farm in Pittsboro - North Carolina’s first certified organic farm (Now called “In Good Heart Farm”), growing diversified produce. As we learned more about mushrooms, we became passionate about learning more about their culinary diversity (there are mushrooms that taste like chicken, some like crab, some like lobster, earthy mushrooms, steaky mushrooms, and more) and their amazing health benefits we soon found we were hooked. By 2014, we made the switch from diversified produce to focusing exclusively on mushrooms.

We grow primarily indoors, with a small outdoor growing area for King Stropharia, blewits, and log grown lion's mane, blue oyster, and shiitake. Indoors we specialize in oyster mushrooms, lion's mane, and shiitake and also often offer cinnamon cap, reishi, king trumpet and others. Laura is also holds a Wild Mushroom Food Safety Certification, allowing her to sell 19 varieties of seasonal foraged mushrooms. In addition to growing mushrooms, we also offer classes at our farm in Saxaphaw, including log inoculation workshops and Introduction to Foraging. We believe in healthy food and regenerative agricultural practices. We are not USDA certified organic, but follow organic growing practices.