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Fieldstone Garden is a one acre, one woman-powered farm started in 2014 in Hurdle Mills.  I grow over a 100 different varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and plants year round.  I do my best to farm sustainably and follow organic methods.  I use compost, cover crops, and processed chicken manure for my fertilizers and to keep the soil alive and happy which makes the best tasting veggies.  I don’t use any synthetic pesticides and very few organic pesticides to try and protect our pollinators.  I also try to keep my fossil fuel usage to a minimum with very little tractor use, not using plastic mulches, and by selling my veggies to families in my community.  You can find me most Saturdays down at the Eno River Farmers’ Market.  You can learn more about Fieldstone at our website,, or follow me on Instagram @fieldstonegarden.