The Walker Family Farm: Where Roots Run Deep

The Walker Family Farm represents a legacy in agriculture and a passion to grow for the future. Founded in the 1700’s, the farm was once farmed exclusively for tobacco. Eventually, Walker farm added livestock and cereal grain crops, which replaced tobacco. In 2000, along with hay, grain crops and a growing herd of Angus cattle, Walker farm diversified and added vegetables and fruit to the farm. Today, Walker Farm grows and sells fruit and vegetables with hay and cattle to many customers in Orange, Durham and surrounding counties. The farm offers an on-site produce stand and pick-your-own opportunity, as well as selling at the Eno River Farmer’s Market. The roots planted in the 1700’s continue to grow deep on the Walker Family Farm.

Walker Farm grows tomatoes, corn, beans, squash, zucchini, onions, okra, watermelon, cantaloupe, peppers, and pumpkins…just to name a few.

Walker Farm also sells all natural grass and grain Angus and Angus Cross Beef at the farm and Eno River Farmers Market. We use no growth hormones and no unnecessary antibiotics.

We also offer:

  • On-Site produce stand

  • Corporate and family orders

  • Call ahead orders

  • Sell by the bushel or half bushel

  • Hay for horses and cattle

  • Feed for livestock

Located at the intersection of Walker and Miller Road in Hillsborough, NC

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Home: 919-732-7231

Mobile: 919-215-9230