Chapel Hill Creamery makes a variety of cheeses from the milk of our herd of 30 Jersey cows at our farm in Orange County. The rich milk from this breed enhances the flavor of our award winning cheeses. Portia McKnight and Flo Hawley, who own the creamery grow cool and warm season grasses so that the cows can graze on fresh grass as much as possible with rotational grazing. We are proud of the quality of the milk and the health of the herd which is Animal Welfare Approved.

With the help of our staff we produce fresh and aged cheeses which we sell throughout North Carolina. We have a core group of nine distinctive cheeses available most of the year and are happy to give samples and tips for serving or cooking with these cheeses at the market. 

We sell pork including a variety of mild and spicy sausages as well as ground beef. The whey from our cheese making is fed to pigs on our farm and this nutritious part of their diet makes the meat more tender. We choose the spice mixes and add the hams to the trimmings to produce delicious sausage. 


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