Cedar Grove Windy Hill Farm is owned and operated by Geof and Jane Gledhill in Cedar Grove in northern Orange County. This farm has been continuously farmed since 1830 and, we think, based on land records and other research, part of a larger farm since the 1700’s, the original land grant from the King of England. You can reach us at cedargrovewindyhillfarm@gmail.com

Our dairy goats provide milk for our moisturizing soap which we also sell at the market.

We grow blueberries (seven varieties), Brown Turkey Figs, Asian Pears, Muscadine Grapes, and Shiitake Mushrooms for sale at the market. Other fruit, including sweet cherries, Paw Paws, mulberries, and elderberries are still maturing. We planted Everbearing (Heritage Red and Fall Gold) Raspberries in the spring of 2015. All of our fruit is grown organically and sustainably.

Our honeybees help us with pollination and they provide us with delicious honey. A few years ago we increased our efforts to farm sustainably by adding a 6.48kW photovoltaic (solar) system that produces approximately 70% of the power needs of our farm.


Our beef cattle are pasture raised and sold primarily to Firsthand Foods (a Durham company), which resells to local restaurants, food markets and some retail. Please see www.firsthandfoods.com and read more about us on the “our farmers” link there.