Recipe : Green Curry Delight!

Take a trip to Thailand culinary style without even leaving your kitchen!

-Gather up fresh ginger, onions, kale, greens, potatoes and jalapenos from our local vendors.

yes, we even have ginger!

– Mincely chop: garlic, ginger, jalapeno, and one onion.

-Heat a medium sauce pan or wok to medium high

-Once the pan has some heat, drizzle about two table spoons of virgin olive oil in the pan

-Let the oil heat up for about 30 seconds

-Stir in the minced garlic, onions, ginger and pepper. Mix with cumin, salt, pepper, paprika and green or yellow munchi curry (Green Curry can be purchased in any grocery store and loose curry can be purchased at the local Weaver St. Coop or Whole Foods)

-Mix in a can of light coconut milk, a table spoon of soy sauce and a couple of drops of fish sauce (optional). You can add in additional broth depending on how soupy or brothy  you would like the dish

-Once the onions begin to turn clear, you can add your protein of choice. Either marinated chicken or tofu

-Re-spice the whole dish once you have added your protein.

-Steam fresh farm green beans and potatoes separately.

-Once your protein is almost cooked, add in the fresh vegetables and salt and pepper to taste!

-Garnish with lime wedges and cilantro!

-Optional: serve with basmati white or brown rice

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